Romain Virgo knows lovers rock

A few weeks ago, I interviewed 20-year-old sensation Romain Virgo. In the interview he said he wants to please the ladies with his music. After listening to the self-titled debut, it is easy to say that this is indeed the case. Much of the material has an air of teenage love and many of the songs are lovers rock of the highest class, such as Love Doctor, Should I Call Her and Dark Skin Girl.

Romain Virgo is young, but he sings like he has been in the music business for a decade. He has an amazing control over of his voice and it is clear that he is classically trained. It’s soulful, heartfelt and often heartbreakingly beautiful. However, many of the songs are uplifting and a perfect soundtrack for lazy days on the beach.

Although Romain Virgo has a voice many singers can only dream about, he has had a great help in the producer’s chair. Legendary Donovan Germain has been producing since the 70’s and has worked with stars such as Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths and Buju Banton. On this album he’s behind most of the songs, gems such as Mi Caan Sleep and Who Feel It Knows It, a duet with Etana.

But the best track is still Live Mi Life on the revitalized Boops Riddim signed Shane C. Brown, a young and upcoming producer with great talent.

Romain Virgo may be young, but he is already mentioned in the same sentence as established lovers rock stars such as Sanchez and Beres Hammond. A truly great effort and hopefully Romain Virgo continue in the same footsteps as those great singers.


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