Curtis Lynch lifts Ziggi Recado

Dutch singer Ziggi Recado, formerly known as only Ziggi, recently released his new ep Same Difference. The ep contains six tracks, of which one is a duet with songstress Marcia Griffiths.

Ziggi Recado has during the last year released a bunch of strong tunes and collaborated with several prominent producers, for example Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor and Special Delivery Music. But his best songs in recent times come from collaboration with UK-based producer Curtis Lynch. Same Difference collects three of these golden nuggets – Ganja Smoke in the Air, Baddest and Pretender. All three bear the hallmark of Curtis Lynch’s heavy, uncompromising drum and bass with added sound effects and samples.

The other songs differ a lot from these three, partly because they are much softer and more lovers-oriented and partly because Ziggi Recado strays from his strong suit and sings rather than singjays.

If you already have the Curtis Lynch productions, you can skip this album; otherwise, it’s a must in the record collection.


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