Sugar Minott passes away

Sugar Minott, one of the dancehall pioneers, passed away yesterday at the away of 54 due to long-term illness, reports several internet sources.

Sugar Minott started his career in the mid 70’s as a member of the African Brothers and was a prolific singer, songwriter, producer, label owner and sound system operator.

He started his solo career at Studio One in the late 70’s where he started to record over the original cuts of some of the rhythms that were recorded in the 60’s. This proved to be the basis for the dancehall style.

Through his labels Black Roots and Youth Promotion he was a great promoter of young talents. He was early to record artists such as Junior Reid and Tenor Saw.

From the 70’s and onward, Sugar Minott continued to record. I believe some of his earliest records are the best, among them Black Roots, Live Loving and Ghetto-Ology. Recently he did nice combinations with NiyoRah and Hollow Point. Sugar Minott managed to record more than 60 albums during the years.


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