Jah Ark Manifest split the price money

The soundclash at Sweden’s Öland Roots Festival had a bitter ending when Denmark’s Firehouse questioned the judges ruling which led to some debate. Reggaemani has talked to DJ Shirkhan, one of the judges.

Jah Ark Manifest admitted that their win wasn’t completely fair and offered Firehouse a new “dub fi dub” session. The promoter had even arranged a new round. However, Firehouse rejected, but accepted nearly half the price money that Jah Ark Manifest offered, writes DJ Shirkhan to Reggaemani, and continues:

− We were very pressed for time at the end of the soundclash. However, Sammy K was clear on the fact that the last dubplate would determine the winner.

If you’re curious about the soundclash, check out Safari Sound’s audio recording.

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