Upcoming releases from VP and Greensleeves

VP Records had several major album releases in the first half of 2010. But what releases can we look forward to this fall and winter? Reggaemani has got hold of the release schedule from VP and their subsidiary Greensleeves, and notes a heavy collection from an obscure British label.

In the first half of 2010, VP Records showed their muscles and released a number of releases from world know artists. Sizzla was first out in January with Crucial Times. This was followed by high-profile records including Junior Kelly and Capleton, artists who had not released full-length albums in many years.

The second half of 2010 has started off with several heavy albums. Luciano released his masterpiece United States of Africa in July, a month in which Busy Signal’s versatile D.O.B also hit the streets. And just a week ago Gappy Ranks dropped his retro sounding album debut Put the Stereo On.

Autumn and winter releases do not offer the same number of famous artists. It’s mainly reissues and compilations.

Anyone who wants to load up with material from Alpha Blondy can start celebrating. VP has scheduled to release seven of his albums, of which Cocody Rock, Apartheid Is Nazism and Jerusalem also will be released on vinyl.

There are also reissues from Johnny Osbourne and Josey Wales, and 4 CD boxes with material from the late Dennis Brown and Culture.

Releases with new artists are only a few. Energy God Elephant Man drops Dance & Sweep in November and sweet voiced Duane Stephenson’s Black Gold hits the stores in September. He wrote several songs on Luciano’s latest effort. It remains to be seen whether he saved some golden nuggets for himself.

There’s also of course a bunch of collections. Among them, Strictly the Best vol. 42 & 43, and also the weed scented Hi Grade Ganja vol. 3. The most interesting collection is however the double CD Nice Up the Dance – UK Bubblers 1984-1987, with tunes from British label UK Bubblers. Included is early material from British deejay pioneers like Pato Banton and Tippa Irie, but also the late songstress Deborahe Glasgow.

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  1. Yes, I’ve been eager to get the “Nice Up The Dance”-compilation since I saw it announced a few weeks ago. Certainly looks like a very promising (and needed) release!

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