Dub Clash more than a tribute set

”He’s immensely talented”. These words are from legendary selector and radio DJ David Rodigan when he described the Italian stallion Alberto D’Ascola aka Alborosie aka Puppa Albo. The parmiggiano lover out of Sicily, now living in Jamaica.

I concur with David Rodigan, especially after listening to Alborosie’s new set Dub Clash, an album where he shows a new side of himself.

This is a unique dub album on several levels. First, it’s been recorded and mixed in Kingston. Not usual for a dub album today. Second, Alborosie has produced and mixed it as well as playing drums, bass, keyboards, guitar and percussion on it. Third, it’s been made with original organic vintage effects, creating an old school feeling without losing its contemporary vibe.

The album includes Alborosie tunes together with riddims I don’t recall him voicing, for example Full Up, Baltimore and Queen of the Minstrel.

There are several Alborosie numbers included, for example versions of No Cocaine, Kingston Town and Global War. However, I miss dubwise excursions of Waan the Herb, Herbalist and Rastafari Anthem.

Dub Clash is dedicated to King Tubby, referred to as Alborosie’s teacher. But this is not merely a tribute set. Alborosie has managed to push the buttons and turn the wheels creating a style for himself that we hopefully haven’t heard the last of.


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6 responses to “Dub Clash more than a tribute set

  1. Wasn’t aware of this album coming out at all. Gotta get it. Also, it’s been surprisingly little talk and promotion surrounding his other recent release; the double disc “Specialist” with older and newer collaboration-songs.

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