Luciano strikes twice in 2010

Luciano recently dropped his second album in 2010 and I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about Write My Name when I first read about it. Why? Luciano has put out too many mediocre albums in recent years. In my view the Frenchie produced set United States of Africa – released in July – was his first great album since Serious Times that dropped in 2004.

So I naturally thought that Write My Name would be a huge disappointment. But I was mistaken. Seriously mistaken. Because Write My Name is a great album. Maybe not as great as United States of Africa, but definitely one of Luciano’s better albums in the 21st century.

Write My Name is produced by Rawle Collins and was recorded in Atlanta, U.S. All compositions are fresh and written by Luciano himself. This is makes this set a bit different from the Frenchie album, which included some previously released tunes co-written by others.

Album starter Taking Off sets the pace. Its slow, almost musical, beginning is just a chimaera. After 20 seconds its driving chorus is in full swing and Luciano certainly shows who’s the man.

From there on it’s a very pleasant journey with some great one drop riddims, nyabinghi flavor and 70’s soul. Check Miles Away with its sneaking beat and sensual groove.

The one thing this album lacks though is some horns. Now these arrangements are handled by keyboard which is not nearly as good as the original thing.

Luciano has once again proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in reggae music.


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