Lutan Fyah rocked Stockholm

Last night Jamaican singjay Lutan Fyah performed in Sweden for the third time. Last time he was here he did a decent performance at Uppsala Reggae Festival. That time he lacked energy and the setting wasn’t the best since he took stage early in the evening when it was still quite bright outside.

This time he performed at a small venue packed almost to the max.

He took the stage at 11.30pm. A vision in orange, starting off with a furious version of Ungrateful on the Cardiac Bass riddim. This tune is usually close to a ballad, but backing band House of Riddim turned the chorus into a dancehall frenzy.

Lutan Fyah oozes confidence on stage and gets a warm response from the crowd throughout the night, such as when the whole place joins in on the chorus of Rasta Still deh Bout.

He is an excellent performer and can easily go from growling to singing. And this is one of the reasons why an almost 90 minute long concert never gets dull – the versatility of the material.

He mixes sweet ballads with hardcore deejaying where he bolts across the stage with his knees up to his chin. And House of Riddim is a certainly a very capable band that easily turns each song into something new and fresh. They also know how to travel on some psychedelic dubwise excursions.

In the hip-hop tinged One Life on the Clockwork riddim and Come Over on the Minor riddim the crowd reaches climax. And when Lutan Fyah walks off stage at close to 1.00am Kägelbanan is like a sauna. The only thing that I miss is Save the Juvenile, probably still Lutan Fyah’s best song.

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One response to “Lutan Fyah rocked Stockholm

  1. DrRiddim

    Wish i could have been there! I just love Lutan Fyah! His new track on Di real love bounce riddim! is totally of the hook!!

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