Best Swedish reggae albums

In December last year acclaimed Swedish reggae blog Svereggae (formerly Svenska Reggaebloggen) appointed – among its readers – the best Swedish reggae albums during the years 2000-2009.

The selection procedure was rather advanced and the whole list consists of 77 albums, all placed in order of precedence.

Popular singjay Kapten Röd’s debut album Stjärnorna finns här released in 2007 won by far and got way more votes than any other album.

If you interested in Swedish reggae, check out the ten best albums below. If you are interested in all 77 albums, you should check this article on Svereggae.

Artist – title

1. Kapten Röd – Stjärnorna finns här
2. Svenska Akademien – Tändstickor för mörkrädda
3. Kalle Baah – Bråda dagar
4. Helt Off – Helt Off
5. Kultiration – Döden föder
6. Kultiration – Om Gaia
7. Svenska Akademien – Resa sig opp
8. USCB Allstars – Class brutáls
9. Junior Eric – Raggamuffin på svenska
10. Governor Andy – Som Salomos sång


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3 responses to “Best Swedish reggae albums

  1. Greetings Eric,
    thank you very much for the interesting article, cause i am always looking for such things. My favorites are Kapten Röd – Stjärnorna finns här and Junior Eric – Raggamuffin på svenska. Looking forward for Kapten Röd’s next album. It’s good to see that there are some rub a dub records productions and the Internal Dread album are on the list, too.

    I am glad to have good connections to Internal and Gillis from Swingkids, cause they send me some music from time to time. Once i have ordered some CDs at a, as i think, big Swedish online shop. Well, money gone, CDs never arrived.

    • I’m sorry to hear that the records didn’t arrive. Do you know the name of the shop?
      Also, Svereggae has just nominated best Swedish album 2010. I’ll write something about it later. Thanks for the support!

      • Well, i can’t remeber, something with B at the beginning. They have had all kinds of music. To be true, i ordered Kapten Röd first for a test and the cd arrived. After that i placed a bigger order and that on got lost … that’s life.

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