Jeremy Collingwood knows his Lee Perry collection

Lee Perry is undoubtly one of the most acclaimed producers in reggae music, and his work is well-known to music aficionados, but also to a broader public. This is probably for two reasons – his work with Bob Marley and Max Romeo as well as his mythical persona.

About ten years ago, music journalist David Katz put out the critically acclaimed book People Funny Boy, a book that gives a rather full examination of Lee Perry’s life and work through many interviews.

Last year saw the release of another book on Lee Perry – Kiss Me Neck by Jeremy Collingwood, a long time reggae fan that has been documenting Jamaican music on CD and in books for a decade.

Kiss Me Neck is divided in three main sections – a description of Lee Perry and the Jamaican music business from the 60’s up until the 90’s, a discography and appendices.

In most books the descriptive parts are the longest. In Kiss Me Neck it is the other way around. Out of the 300 pages, about 230 are dedicated to discography and appendices.

When reflecting on the amount of work that has been put into the sorting of records and information, I actually feel overwhelmed. I mean, it is so much information. You have Jamaican singles, albums, UK singles, UK and European discos, tunes related to Lee Perry, mysteries, confusions and doubts about singles and albums. And so forth.

This book is written for collectors. The 70 pages about Lee Perry and Jamaica are much better described and well-written in People Funny Boy or in other books on reggae. If you decide to get better – or, rather, infinitely better – acquainted with Lee Perry and feel you need to know every matrix number, then you should definitely buy this book.

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