Revelation Time – Steppin’ it inna UK style

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I should probably have thought about making a lovers rock mix. Instead, I have dug deep into my vaults of UK-produced reggae.

These tunes are heavy as lead and played by a bunch of musicians with a relentless attitude. Just listen to the hard hitting darkness in the Prophecy riddim. In its dub version it feels like you are walking in the dark woods surrounded by trolls and goblins. It’s a powerful experience.

In Revelation Time – Steppin’ it inna UK Style I have collected 24 tunes from some of my favourite UK producers, such as Bush Chemists, Neil Perch and Nick Manasseh. The styles are ranging from the raw darkness in Neil Perch’s productions to Vibronics somewhat jazzy English Girl performed by Boney L and Dubkasm’s meditative From the Foundation by Dub Judah.

As usual – Revelation Time is a continuous mix with no full tracks and some added sound effects. If you like what you hear, please support the artists, producers and labels and purchase the tunes. Most of them are easily available on mp3 or CD. Vinyl might be a bit harder though.

Listen in the player below and download by clicking the link (right click, save as). You can also listen and download via Mixcloud. You might want lower your bass settings when you listen to this mix in company with non-experienced reggae listeners. Otherwise someone might get hurt.

Reggaemani – Revelation Time – Steppin’ it inna UK Style

Artist – song title (label – riddim)

1. Colour Red – Revelation Intro (Charm)
2. Fitta Warri – Gideon Youth (Universal Egg – Crisis)
3. Kenny Knotts – Wicked Man (Universal Egg – Crisis)
4. Abassi All Stars – Crisis (Universal Egg – Crisis)
5. Jah Free – Rod of Correction (Universal Egg)
6. Abassi All Stars – Dub of Correction (Universal Egg)
7. Dark Angel – Free da Minds (Roots Garden)
8. Manasseh – Version Minded (Roots Garden)
9. Colour Red – Run Come (Conscious Sounds)
10. Ghetto Priest – League of Nations (Conscious Sounds)
11. Bush Chemists – League of Nations Dub (Conscious Sounds)
12. Earl 16 – Stem the Tide (Universal Egg – Prophecy)
13. Junior Kigwa – Jah Before Us (Universal Egg – Prophecy)
14. Abassi All Stars – Prophecy (Universal Egg – Prophecy)
15. Dubkasm & Dub Judah – From the Foundation (Sufferah’s Choice)
16. Dubkasm – Foundational Dub (Sufferah’s Choice)
17. Ghetto Priest – This Time (Conscious Sounds)
18. Bush Chemists – This Time Melodica (Conscious Sounds)
19. Bush Chemists – This Time Dub 1 (Conscious Sounds)
20. Boney L – English Girl (Scoops)
21. Ranking Joe – Original Rastaman (Scoops)
22. Vibronics – Original Rastaman Dub (Scoops)
23. Prince David – Evil Fi Burn (Universal Egg)
24. Moa Anbessa – Forward Dub (Universal Egg)


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2 responses to “Revelation Time – Steppin’ it inna UK style

  1. Mighty selection. Itesfull vibes! A joy to play.

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