Curtis Lynch directs you to love

The Love DirectoriesOn Valentines Day top producer Curtis Lynch put out his full length contribution to the lovers rock genre. This side of him has been heard on some previous productions, such as Heart Broken by Etana and Worth Your Weight in Gold from the late Delroy Wilson, a song included on the album.

The Love Directories is Curtis Lynch second compilation and includes twelve tunes, some already familiar, while others are previously unreleased. The former includes the lethal Blackout JA and Michie One combination Love Me Woman, and the latter new gems such as Brinsley Forde’s joyful Bubbling on the General riddim and Thinking, a treat with an pulsating abyss-like bass line, accompanied by soulful singer Tony Curtis alongside Angel.

A bit surprising is that Stevie Wonder turns up in Don’t You Forget It. It is not really Stevie himself though. It is U.S. soul singer Glenn Lewis, who performs a reggae lick of one of his own hit tunes.

This compilation is a great way to combine deep and heavy riddims with lovers oriented lyrics. It will suit both you and your significant other when romanticizing.

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