Mikey General misses the mark

Mikey General - Born to RuleIn November of last year Mikey General – veteran singer and long time friend of Luciano – dropped his latest album Born to Rule, a 14 track set full of modern roots and released on his and Luciano’s jointly owned imprint Qabalah First Music.

Mikey General started his career in the UK in the early 80’s and relocated to Jamaica in the beginning of the 90’s. He has recorded with some of the best producers in Jamaica, including the mighty Phillip “Fatis” Burrell.

Even though he has put out several albums, recorded with many prominent producers and had the backing of Luciano, Mikey General hasn’t had a big breakthrough yet. And in my opinion this album won’t change his stardom.

My biggest issue with the General is his voice. It is high pitched, light, complaining and too thin for my taste. At times it is reminiscent of Horace Andy, but not as personal.

For me, Mikey General is at his best on singles, such as the great Jah Jah Have the Handle, released some months ago on the JahSolidRock label or the dubby Tell it Like it Is produced by Ryan Moore of Twilight Circus. His voice just doesn’t hold for 14 tunes in a row.

And maybe that is why the best tune is Ababa Janhoy with Luciano and Ethiopian singer Haile Roots. This combination is based on an Arabic tinged riddim and the lyrics are partly sung in Amharic.

Born to Rule is a statement of self spiritualization and righteousness, but I can’t say that I feel motivated afterwards.

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One response to “Mikey General misses the mark

  1. Odeema IsIs

    I do not feel say, Mikey is moved by stardom. I am always uplifted by his offerings. I wish MIKEY GENERAL LOVE and LIGHT on his spiritual
    journey……….ONE PERFECT LOVE

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