Tiger more than a novelty act

During the years reggae has had its share amount of artists with unorthodox delivery or singing style. Dancehall icon Tiger is one of them. He is now treated and honored with a Most Wanted compilation from VP Records.

Tiger started his career in the late 70’s as Ranking Tiger. Later he shortened his name and in 1986 he had his first hit No Wanga Gut.

His delivery is eccentric to say the least and includes vocal tricks like grunts, growls and gurgling and is off beat and off key. Just listen to Can’t Tan Me or Yu Dead Now and you will get the picture. It’s amazing that it can sound as good as it does.

His style was particularly well suited to the percussion driven riddims from Steely & Clevie, and his biggest hits When and Ram Dance Hall were produced by the duo.

Tiger Most Wanted compiles twelve of his most acclaimed tunes from a broad range of producers. Apart from Steely & Clevie, King Jammy, Winston Riley, Sonny Ochiai, Phillip “Fattis” Burrell, Patrick Roberts and Donovan Germain are represented.

Unfortunately, his work for Augustus “Gussie” Clarke is not included. I miss the bouncy duets Make Up Your Mind and I Know Love with Dennis Brown and Maxi Priest respectively.

Tiger was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident in 1994 and he was at the time on the peak of his career. This compilation shows an unusual talent that could have gone very far.

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