A real bliss from Sheya Mission

Sheya Mission is one of those mysterious artists that want to be anonymous. It’s however great that she is sharing her great music and voice to the world. But we probably won’t get the opportunity to catch her live.

Sheya Mission’s debut album Nine Signs & Heavy Bliss is produced by Swedish talent Jonahgold who took over the legendary Stockholm-based Rub a Dub studio from veteran producer and engineer Internal Dread.

Nine Signs & Heavy Bliss contains a potent 20 tracks, of which three are short skits. Some of these have been released as singles as far back as ten years. But the album sounds remarkably unified, and Sheya Mission’s deep, laid back voice suits the somewhat meditative mood very well.

Percussion is happily enough used on most of the tracks. So are sound effects. Jonahgold mixes in beatboxing, dub sirens, rain, police sirens and King Stitt styled vocal interjections.

The mood is mostly dark and autumn like, and I come to think of Berlin-based producers Rhythm and Sound when I hear tunes such as the electronic and almost industry-like Valley and Never Let Me Down.

But there is also the ska-tinged Going Down, the jolly and upbeat Reggae Music, which is a duet with Swedish deejay Leafnuts. And I really dig the use of Augustus “Gussie” Clarke 80’s synthesizers in Thanks.

Nine Signs & Heavy Bliss has taken some time to finish, but it was well worth the wait.


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