Gappy Ranks takes a new direction on Thanks & Praise

If Gappy Ranks’ Peckings-produced debut album Put the Stereo On from last year was a tribute to Studio One and the heydays of reggae music, his latest album – Thanks & Praise – is a completely different story.

Thanks & Praise is contemporary reggae and dancehall produced by eight different producers. It is more in the same vein as the EP Rising Out of the Ghetto released in 2010.

The only tune that sounds like the debut album is One Day at a Time. It is sung over a version of the Small Axe riddim, originally produced by Lee Perry for Bob Marley in the early 70’s.

Put the Stereo On is a great album and was a very promising debut album. It had its problems though, especially the use of auto-tune.

And this is repeated on Thanks & Praise. Auto-tune is present on almost every tune. Sometimes it is used with good effect, but mostly it is just disturbing and irritating.

Despite auto-tune, there is some great music on this radio friendly urban album. The title track, Could a Run Away with Delly Ranx and Tun Up featuring Russian are certainly extremely catchy.

While Put the Stereo On rendered interest among vintage reggae fans, Thanks & Praise will probably appeal to a new crowd. You should definitely check this album out, but listen before you buy.


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4 responses to “Gappy Ranks takes a new direction on Thanks & Praise

  1. Kent Eriksson

    Really don´t understand why gifted artists use auto-tune? How do they sound performing live?

  2. Yeah, I don’t really see the point either. But some people seem to like it though. / Erik

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