Deeper Revolution takes time to appreciate

Mo’Kalamity is a singer who originates from the small republic of Cape Verde. Nowadays she resides in Paris, where she has recorded her two albums – Warriors of Light, put out in 2008, and Deeper Revolution, originally released in 2010 with poor distribution.

Fortunately enough the label realized that Deeper Revolution had potential and decided to release it more properly this past spring.

Deeper Revolution is a roots reggae album composed and written by Mo’Kalamity herself and produced by L’assos Pikante, who had the same duty on the debut. It assembles 14 tracks whereof one is an echoing dub version of the rolling Inner Peace.

The riddims are easygoing, often with deep bass lines and heavy percussion work. Check Autour de Toi, the nyabinghi-styled title track or Walls with its memorable chorus.

But the thing about this album is Mo’Kalamity’s distinctive voice. It has a fragile jazz tone. It is cool and laid-back. Often like whispering with low energy. Her voice is best suited for lower notes and it does sound off-key at times.

A revolution doesn’t come easy. It takes time to go through with. And same goes for this album. But once you have dedicated yourself to it, your world won’t be the same.

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