Beautiful debut album from Hollie Cook

British singer Hollie Cook has music in her blood. She is the daughter of Paul Cook, former drummer in legendary punk band Sex Pistols.

But luckily enough her musical path has headed in a different direction, and has lead her into the arms of Mike Pelanconi, aka Prince Fatty, a talented producer and engineer as well as an expert in vintage recording techniques.

Hollie Cook has contributed on both Prince Fatty albums. And her contribution has been welcome, very welcome indeed. Her tracks Milk & Honey, from Survival of the Fattest put out in 2007, and That Very Night in Dub, from Supersize Me released last year, were among the standout tracks.

Her self-titled debut album bears all of Prince Fatty’s best ingredients – old school sounding reggae and dub without sounding traditional or boring. Check Sugar Water, a smart cut of Scientist’s Dangerous Match 1, a dub version of Johnny Osbourne’s Love is Universal.

The first single of the album That Very Night captures the feeling nicely – pulsating, dark and a bit psychedelic. Her British voice is delicate, breezy and creates an intimate atmosphere.

The album is also hosted by some well-known musicians, most notably George Dekker of The Pioneers and Dennis Bovell. The most prominent guest is however Horseman, a deejay with a style reminiscent of the great Lone Ranger.

This is certainly a truly enjoyable experience from start to finish.


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