Skyfiya is a bright shining light

The Uprising Roots Band is one of several bands that have emerged in Jamaica in recent years. They’ve played together since 2006, and earlier this year they dropped their debut album Skyfiya.

 This album is an independent effort. It’s recorded in the band’s own studio by themselves and released through their own label TruMusik Records.

Skyfiya is built on live instrumentation and the sound on the 13 songs is organic and vital. The riddims are beautifully crafted with well-thought arrangements, especially the horns and the angelic harmonies.

Just listen to the herb tune Steamers, the uplifting Marcus Garvey or the woman tribute Most Royal. This is reggae firmly rooted in the 70’s, but with a more energetic twist to it.

Drummer and lead singer Rashaun “Kush” McAnuff is son of recording artist Winston McAnuff. His voice is deeper, darker and more rugged compared to his father.

Skyfiya is a superb album that should appeal to most people with the slightest interest in roots reggae.

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