A rock influenced reggae album from Sebastian Sturm

On Sebastian Sturm’s third album Get Up & Going he has parted ways with both his former producer and band. This hasn’t lead to any dramatic shifts in direction though. He is still firmly rooted in reggae from the 70’s together with his new outfit Exile Airline.

Sebastian Sturm’s vocal style bears resemblance to royalty such as Bob Marley and Horace Andy. He has the former’s rugged, fragile style, while also incorporating the latter’s nasal tone. However, without Horace Andy’s distinct vibrato.

But there is also something else with the singing style of Sebastian Sturm. It sometimes seems like he isn’t singing. The story and the lyrics are more essential than the singing itself. It’s a bit theatrical and it sometimes sounds like he is singing in a children’s story.

Get Up & Going collects twelve tunes in the reggae vein, but with apparent rock influences. These are most apparent in Responsibility where the guitars are in the frontline and on Movin’ Away with chords similar to Nirvana.

Highlights include Upside Down with a nice melodica intro and the skanking Don’t Look Back, even though it would have been even better without the guitar solo.

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