General reggae highlights 2011

This year has been an rewarding one. There has been a lot of interesting releases – both reissues and new recordings– and great riddims as well as spectacular live performances.

Earlier this week I summarized 21 of my favorite tunes released in 2011, and the list below are more of general highlights. The next list will be covering the biggest albums put out in 2011.

Best mash-up
AdeleRolling in the Deep (Jr. Blender Reggae Remix). This song of probably one of my favorite non-reggae tunes this year, and hearing Adele on top of a riddim is no lack of quality.

Best riddim
Skateland Killer. All riddims from Maximum Sound were great this year, and this one was particularly tasty.

Biggest surprise
Reggae’s Gone Country. I made a joke about this album on Twitter when I first read about it, but when I heard it I changed my mind. It’s actually a lot better than I thought.

Best book
The Album Cover Art of Studio One Records. Soul Jazz Records has started to release Studio One material again, and this is a good start of the relationship.

Best live performance
Mr. Vegas at Uppsala Reggae Festival. Devastating energy.

Best producer
Frenchie of Maximum Sound. Always reliable.

Best box set
The Story of Trojan Records. A sweet blend of classics, rare releases and unreleased tunes alongside knowledgeable liner notes.

Best reissue
Nitty Gritty – General Penitentiary. A semi-digital showcase album from the late and great Nitty Gritty.

Best compilation
Rub a Dub Showcase Part II. Tough riddims, inspired vocals and devastating dubs.

Best EP
Jimmy Cliff – Sacred Fire. Good old Jimmy has a new found attitude together with punk rocker Tim Armstrong.

Best mixtape
JahmaliSounds with Purpose. The severly underrecorded Jahmali rides old and new riddims in a blazin’ style.


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5 responses to “General reggae highlights 2011

  1. Hi Reggaemani! Just want ro send “Big Up” and Respect for your Reggae News. It is always a pleasure! Peace, Stefan aka dubembassy

  2. Nice blog here! Bless Up!

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