Sparkling chemistry in Da Professor’s laboratory

Professor is a popular title in the reggae industry. You have Mad Professor and Professor Grizzly. But also three artists with just the title. Or almost anyway.

Groundation’s lead vocalist Harrison Stafford has an alter ego called Professor and in the 70’s and 80’s there was an Jamaican engineer who also went by the name. The latest addition is Da Professor, who was born and raised in Kingston, but has also spent time in Florida and New York.

His debut album The Laboratory is produced by Don Corleon – one of Jamaica’s most prominent contemporary producers, and well-known for his slick, polished and stylish productions, usually with a tasty feel for pop melodies and memorable hooks.

And Da Professor’s debut set is no exception. It’s smooth journey into Don Corleon’s blend of one drop reggae, dancehall and R&B.

His production is spiced up by Da Professor’s interesting vocal style, or styles. He can switch from soul-styled singing to gritty deejaying in a jiffy.

Even though the album boasts three duets – J Boog, Ken Boothe and Protoje – you can easily be fooled that it’s one more singer on board on several songs. When I listened to tunes such as By My Side or the upbeat Party Non Stop I could swear that another one singer handled the chorus and another the verses. But no. It is Da Professor all along.

 It must have been a great chemistry in the studio when this album was recorded, because The Laboratory is yet another strong effort from the Don Corleon camp.


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7 responses to “Sparkling chemistry in Da Professor’s laboratory

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  2. John

    great review and great album!

  3. Kent Eriksson

    Thanks for – as always – a great review Erik! Guess I will find this album in your list over favorite albums of 2012? Just bought it from eMusic the other day.

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