Sly & Robbie free your mind

Jamaican duo Sly & Robbie is most likely the world’s best know riddim section and have probably played on more records and sessions than most other notable outfits like Mafia & Fluxy or the Barrett brothers.

And they have a stunning catalogue that spans over four decades, including working with world renowned artists such as Grace Jones, Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger as well as most well-known reggae artists from the 70’s up until today.

Their first album under their own name in years is the recently released dub album called Blackwood Dub, recorded in Jamaica at the Harry J studio with notable veteran musicians Sticky Thompson and Mikey Chung.

The ten tracks are both refurbished vintage riddims as well as more contemporary ones. And all bear the Sly & Robbie trademark – bouncy, driving bass lines along with pounding, tight drumming complemented with exercises in studio wizardry.

The sound is rich, full and heavy throughout. Since there are no traces of vocals to be found it can be a bit dry though.

But, Blackwood Dub is nevertheless a fascinating cavernous and vibrating journey that will set your mind free.


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