An urban and contemporary debut from Konshens

A few years back brothers Delus and Konshens dropped a brilliant joint effort album under the name Sojah.

Now – three years later – it’s time for Konshens debut solo album, an album preceded by several strong singles and riddim album cuts. And many of these have also found their way onto the album.

Mental Maintenance collects 19 tunes with Konshens melodic singjay style set to contemporary one drop and urban, R&B influenced dancehall.

Some of the album’s strongest moments have been heard before – No More Tears on Frenchie’s Rebellion riddim, Simple Song on Niko Brownie’s Set It Off riddim and Represent on Chimney Records’ Island Vibes riddim.

There are also a bunch of tasty unreleased cuts, sure to make your mouth water.

The funky remix of Rasta Imposter features guest artists Tarrus Riley, Sizzla, Darrio and Wrath Riley and is somewhat reminiscent of the Midnight Hour riddim.

Bounty Killer makes an appearance on the new version of The Realest Song, and this fresh mix exceeds an already strong original.

Konshens should however rethink the waste-of-time long intros to three of the songs. In Gal Dem A Talk the song doesn’t begin until after more than one minute, and I’m not keen on hearing what appear to be messages on Konshens voicemail.


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