An epic compilation from the Jahtari camp

One of the most interesting European labels today is Leipzig based Jahtari lead by Rootah and Disrupt, two dub heads that started in the techno scene, but nowadays produce forward-thinking reggae rooted in 70’s dub and the late 80’s digital dancehall craze.

Even though they are rooted in techno their sound also owes much to electro, hip-hop and 80’s computer game soundtracks.

On the label’s third installment of the compilation series Jahtarian Dubbers they have fine-tuned the echo machines and set the bass implant beyond the health limit.

The eleven tracks blends ultra-heavy dub instrumentals with skanking vocal cuts from Mikey Murka, Ranking Levy, Lee Perry, Jim Nastic, El Fata and the very versatile Soom T. The dub cuts stand on their own and are produced by John Frum, Monkey Marc, Jahtari Riddim Force, Disrupt and Rootah.

I dare to say that ten of these outings are pure gold. The only cut a little below par is the Dub Syndicate/Adrian Sherwood classic Secret Laboratory voiced by Lee Perry, because of the man’s spoken singing style, which I’ve never been fond of.

The rest of the compilation is epic. It’s organic, energetic, electronic, original and addictive. And a must for anyone interested in just how great reggae is, has been and always will be.

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