Bunny Marrett’s organic fusion of reggae and jazz

Singer and musician Bunny Marrett was born in Jamaica in 1941, but moved to the UK in his teens. He learned to play piano with ska pioneer Laurel Aitken and dropped his first and only single in 1981. He penned songs for Bristol buddies Black Roots in the 80’s and recorded an album in 1986, an album released three weeks ago by Bristol Archive Records.

Bunny Marrett has one foot in reggae and the other in jazz and blues. The result is an eclectic mix of rugged bass lines played on acoustic bass and a breezy back beat. The sound is organic and folksy and it’s certainly his own.

I’m Free holds eight tracks – six on the LP – of which are three/two are dub versions. Bunny Marrett’s non-melodic singing takes a while to get used to, and the backing actually shines brighter than the vocals, something that’s apparent in the dub cuts.

This is an unusual album, and an album that needs a few listens to get acquired to. A grower if you will.

Currently available on LP, CD and digital download.

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