A fruitful musical relationship between Macka B and Curtis Lynch

An encounter at Peckings record shop in London last year between Necessary Mayhem’s Curtis Lynch and veteran deejay Macka B was the starting point for a fruitful musical relationship.

It started with the release of Our Music on the Gorilla riddim, a tune now included on Macka B’s brand new six track showcase album Rasta Soldier for Necessary Mayhem.

Rasta Soldier includes four previously unreleased tracks and is Macka B’s second album this year, and he once again shows his witty and striking social commentaries, taking on subjects such as racism, modern technology, violence and Rastafari.

The mood is classic Lynch with beats that are grim, introspective and dark, clearly manifested by the dub versions following each vocal.

Macka B and Curtis Lynch have managed to create a musical backing very well-suited to the harsh reality many people face everyday.

Rasta Soldier is now available on vinyl and will hit the download stores on August 21.



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4 responses to “A fruitful musical relationship between Macka B and Curtis Lynch

  1. rasjani

    Seems that all vocal cuts are already available in Spotify, some of the mixes have some ‘dubby’ ends though.

    ps. Anyone know mackab tune where lists passed away singers?

    • Hey, thanks for getting in touch.
      As far as I know only Our Music and Outta Order are previously available, and the four others are brand new.

      Sorry, don’t know the tune with passed away singers.
      Best / Erik

      • Yeah, like said above, i went to look for the showcase on the spotify and found the vocals: spotify:album:4yalRnS0c7pM011mkzmmOv – excellent ones, propably going to invest on the album to get the dubs too..

        And actually, after browsing abit around I found the tune i was looking for too: Macka B – Reggae Lives On, produced by Mafia & Fluxy and on Live And Love riddim ..

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