Quality roots from Slimmah Sound

In 2009 Dutch Slimmah Sound – the alias for producer Tim Baumgarten – dropped the mighty fine roots showcase compilation Roots Tribe Showcase: Love Jah More which featured some strong vocal cuts from the likes of Jah Melodie and Lyrical Benjie.

Now the next chapter has arrived. It’s aptly titled Roots Tribe Showcase Volume II and contains the profound cultural preachings of long time Slimmah Sound collaborators Jah Melodie, Kyle Sicarius, Lyrical Benjie and Zed I as well as new additions Teddy Dan and Fitta Warri. Just as last time each of the six vocals are followed by its heavy as lead dub counterpart.

There are no relicks. And none of the tracks have been previously released. Only fresh originals. Although Dub Resident bears a slight resemblance to Ranking Dread’s Bom Dub.

Slimmah Sound has over the years held a remarkably high quality on the output, and this album is no exception.

Roots Tribe Showcase Volume II is now available on LP, CD and on digital platforms. If you order a vinyl copy directly from the label you’ll receive a free copy of Lyrical Benjie’s album Firm in Jah put out last year.



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