A well-deserved reunion by Black Roots

Bristol-band Black Roots – one of the best reggae bands from the UK in the 80’s – has reunited and headed back into the studio for the first time in more than 20 years. The result is On the Ground, an album with a deep skanking groove reminiscent of their heydays almost 30 years ago.

The tight riddim section showcases their skills on both up-tempo cuts as well as slower and more meditative ones. It’s complemented by a skilled horn section and tight back-up vocals, which emphasizes the clear and bright melodies that have always been part of Black Roots’ sound.

The songwriting is inspired and the earnest lyrics concern cultural, conscious and economical issues, as witnessed in tunes such as No Fee, Earth Land and Capitalism.

Other highlights include heavyweighters Militancy and Pompous Way as well as the 80’s sounding Call Me Out.

Black Roots’ music have always been a vital mix of sing-a-long choruses and important messages to the people, and On the Ground sees the band working according to the same recipe as they have always done.

One the Ground is now available on LP, CD and digital download.



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