A worthwhile contribution to Fred Locks’ catalogue

Profound veteran Rasta singer Fred Locks has never been as prolific as some of his contemporaries back in the 70’s. Over the years he has stayed true to his musical roots and never jumped on the latest musical trends, and his most familiar contribution is the roots anthem Black Star Liners, also included on his debut album Black Star Liner put out in 1976.

His latest set – and the follow-up to Glorify the Lord released in 2008 – is the twelve track, digital only, Music is My Calling, recorded for 23-year old U.S. producer James Lord of the Irie Sounds label.

Fred Locks expressive and reflective callings for justice, universal love and equality, as well as affirmations of his faith in Rastafari, are recorded over a mix of computer programmed and live played riddims.

Some of the highlights include the beautiful autobiographical title track, the upbeat Binghi Ghost combination Ababajahnoy and Police Brutality, with lyrics very relevant in times of protests and demonstrations.

It’s easy accessible, highly enjoyable and a worthwhile contribution to Fred Locks esteemed album catalogue, even though the set could have been mastered at a higher volume.

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