A bright light on the Swedish reggae scene

Renowned Swedish producer and sound wizard Internal Dread died in a traffic accident August. One of his last projects was Swedish ten piece roots reggae rockers First Light and their debut album Judgement Time.

This twelve track live played reggae album is directly derived from vintage Jamaican roots and early dancehall. Lead singer and percussionist Michél León’s youthful, energetic and high tone resemble vocalists such as Triston Palma, Barrington Levy and the late Hugh Mundell.

Internal Dread used his dub skills when mixing the album and effects are present throughout the set, especially echo-laid vocals and guitar.

Most of the album is based on original riddims, and the only relicks are a bouncy version of the Studio One classic Real Rock, and a lethal cut of the Cuss Cuss riddim, one of the most versioned riddims ever and originally produced by Harry J and sung by Lloyd Robinson back in the late 60’s.

The tragic and untimely death of Internal Dread has hit the Swedish reggae scene hard, but Judgement Time is highly respectable legacy.

Judgement Time is presently only available on CD, but will soon also hit the stores as limited vinyl and legal download.

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One response to “A bright light on the Swedish reggae scene

  1. I still can’t believe that Tom “Internal Dread” is dead. A genius at the mixing board and one of the best persons i have ever had the luck to meet. Only ten days before he passed away i have been at his house and we have had a great time at the Rebel Music Festival. I really miss him.

    Actually i visited the festival to here and see the First Light Band. Met them two years ago at the first festival edition and i have been a fan instantly. “Jugdement Time” is a killer album. Actually, it is my reggae album of the year 2012. I am looking forward for a vinyl version. Thank you very much for mentioning them here.

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