An uninspired dub album from the Marley vaults

Over the years it hasn’t been many dub albums coming from the Bob Marley vaults apart from the music he and The Wailers recorded with Lee Perry. So I suppose Bob Marley buffs were thrilled when Island Records and Tuff Gong Records issued an eleven track dub album two years ago on digital platforms only.

This album – titled Bob Marley in Dub Vol. 1 and the first in a series of collections of classic, rare and new dub excursions from Bob Marley  – was recently re-released on CD and vinyl and collects mostly previously unreleased dub mixes of tracks taken from the albums Rastaman Vibration, Kaya, Uprising, Natty Dread and Exodus. It is stated that ten of the tracks are vintage mixes and one newly crafted by dub maestro Scientist.

Unfortunately there is no production or mixing credits other than Lively Up Your Dub – the dub counterpart to Lively Up Yourself – mixed by the aforementioned Scientist, which makes it almost impossible to tell when these cuts were mixed and by whom, which is crucial in the world of dub.

The audio quality is immaculate and the mixing clean and polished with effects and turned up bass. Some of the tracks lie very close to the original and sometimes being more or less an instrumental with louder bass.

Bob Marley in Dub isn’t the most imaginative or inspired dub album I’ve come a cross, and it probably won’t appeal to the causal Bob Marley fan, but the man’s music is sublime, so this album is by no means a waste of time.


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4 responses to “An uninspired dub album from the Marley vaults

  1. Rob

    I do begin to wonder how authentic these dubs are, and, like you say, what separates them from instrumentals.

  2. Great call on this album. Str8 garbage, U heard live and direct from the mouth of the Midnight Raver.

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