Carroll Thompson’s seminal debut album reissued

UK lovers rocker Carroll Thompson’s debut album Hopelessly in Love has recently been reissued by SoulJazz Records. It was – just like Louisa Marks’ debut album Breakout – originally released in 1981 and has become something of a landmark in the lovers rock genre, even though the term wasn’t coined at the time.

Hopelessly in Love was preceded by chart toppers I’m Sorry and Simply in Love – both included on the album – and the whole set carries the same tender vibe as those tracks.

The riddims are easy-going, laid back and will make your head nod back and forth in a sensual style as well as making you and your partner stay up all night long and rub shoulder to shoulder until the skin starts to feel warm and sensitive.

The real peak of the album is Sing Me A Love Song, a track that could have been written by Holland-Dozier-Holland and recorded at Motown in the 60’s. It has breezy horns, pulsating bass line and smooth backing vocals.

Hopelessly in Love is released with original artwork and tracklisting and is available on vinyl, CD and digital download.


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