An easy rocking dub album from The Breadwinners

i01LP30D3XRD.QXDKing Spinna Records – founded and operated by Dom and Bob from the acclaimed Blood and Fire Records – have a new album out – The BreadwinnersDubs Unlimited.

By the name it sounds like it’s a band or group, but The Breadwinners are actually the alias for 34-year old Alan Redfern from the UK. He is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording and mixing engineer and producer as well as a musician playing drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion and harp. On Dubs Unlimited he is also joined by saxophonist and flutist Stally, who has a soft and relaxed relationship with his instruments.

Over the past five or six years Alan Redfern has produced hundreds of tracks and 15 of these made it onto the album, a mostly instrumental set, with vocals on only one track – Joy, which is voiced by the legendary Big Youth and presented in a discomix style.

Dubs Unlimited is swamped with deep and easy rocking bass lines and pays tribute to old school recording techniques and is a all analogue album, which creates a warm, almost soothing, sound.

The influence of sonic wizard Lee Perry’s sizzling and swirling sound is obvious throughout the whole set, but Alan Redfern is no copycat and has put his own touch to it.

Dubs Unlimited is available on digital platforms, CD and LP, but the vinyl edition doesn’t unfortunately come with the Big Youth track.

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