Merry Christmas and happy holidays

This is where I’m supposed to write my top ten reggae Christmas tunes, but truth is there is too few of them to make a real list, even though there is a truckload of Christmas tunes done in a reggae style and fashion.

Unfortunately about 99 percent of them are crap. Just listen to the Trojan Christmas Box Set where artists such as John Holt, Freddie McGregor and Yellowman humiliate themselves trying to provide a soundtrack for the holidays.

There is however one Christmas album that is pretty decent. On Natty Christmas the late Jacob Miller teamed up with deejay Ray I for nine versions of classic Christmas songs, including Wish You A Merry Christmas and On the Twelve Day of Ismas.

German producer Jr Blender has also tried his hands on making a delightful reggae Christmas by producing a sweet mash-up – Jackson 5’s Santa Claus is Coming To Town.

Covers have been an important part of the reggae repertoire, but I think the artists and musicians should stick to soul and R&B, even though the songs mentioned above certainly outperform the originals.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays and keep the reggae music playing, whether it’s Christmas cover versions or some of the best sounds of 2012.


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