Atmospheric from UK veteran Paul Fox

Paul-Fox-Hold-TightVeteran UK singer, producer and musician Paul Fox may not be a household name to the casual reggae fan, but he has been around for 20 years touring and recording with producers and artists such as Nick Manasseh, Alpha & Omega, Rod Taylor and Michael Rose.

He has worked extensively with renowned UK percussionist, session player, producer and chanter Jonah Dan, who contributes with his bongo skills on Paul Fox’ latest album Hold Tight.

This 16 track – ten on the LP edition – showcase set, where each vocal is followed by its dub counterpart, is a fine slice of atmospheric 90’s tinged UK roots and dub. Paul Fox’ soft, whispering voice contrasts nicely with the pounding and pulsating drum and bass as well as the echo-laid guitars and keyboard. To soften up the big bad sound there’s also bright and melancholic flute, harp and melodica added to the instrumentation.

Highlights include the smoky Trouble In the World and the dramatic Time For A Change and First Light. Two lyrically uplifting tracks with somber melodies sounding like they’re made for giving workers an extra boost and fighting spirit just before the revolution.

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One response to “Atmospheric from UK veteran Paul Fox

  1. Tom

    Greetings Erik, nice review!
    I like the way you write – written carefully and thoughtfully.
    Here is a recent 12″ Vinyl release recorded at Paul Fox’s studio.
    One Love from the UK to Sweden,

    Side A. Flag So High (Vocal: Tom Uplifter) –

    Side AA. Freedom Chant (Vocal: Tom Uplifter & Paul Fox) –

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