The Lions’ sound for generations

STH2264Los Angeles based band The Lions has something of an ad hoc membership and on their latest set This Generation no less than 17 musicians were involved. Of these four are lead singers – the gritty and smooth vintage style of Malik Moore, the deejay efforts of Robbie Shakespeare’s cousin Black Shakespeare, the soulful Alex Désert and the legendary Leroy Sibbles from The Heptones.

The core of the band joined forces in 2007 and the year after their mostly instrumental dub and reggae debut Jungle Struttin’ was put out. This new album also incorporates instrumentals, but the vast majority of the tracks are vocals with a soulful, funky and jazzy backing.

This Generation is all about exquisite musicianship, excellent showmanship courtesy of Black Shakespeare and delicate singing and harmonies. It’s classic Jamaican 70’s reggae played by real musicians who know how to start a groove and set a dancefloor on fire.

Highlights include all of Malik Moore’s cuts, especially the sad Padre Ichiro and the more joyous album opener Bird On A Wire, and Black Shakespeare’s rolling and rocking Let’s Go Out Tonight complete with several references to reggae history.

This Generation is now available on CD and digital platforms.


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7 responses to “The Lions’ sound for generations

  1. Ordered the album already. The vinyl release comes as a 7inch box. Wicked idea. By the way, today i found out about their new video, really nice:

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