Alien Dread dubs Martin Campbell in fine style

Alien-Dread-Martin-Campbell-Alien-Dread-In-Dub-With-Martin-Campbell-And-The-Hi-Tech-Roots-DynamicsAndrew Passey, aka Alien Dread, is a UK mixing engineer and producer affiliated with Martin Campbell, a fellow Englishman as well as producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and owner of the Channel One UK imprint.

Alien Dread has since the 80’s been mixing and producing dub and roots reggae, but has, just as Martin Campbell, stayed away from the brightest spotlight. A shame really since their music is heavy as hell.

On a recently released three volume set Alien Dread has taken riddims from the Martin Campbell vaults and dubbed them in fine style. The riddims are broody, minor key and easy to nod your head to. They hail from the 70’s and onwards and the dub mixing, heavily inspired by the dub kings of the 70’s, was done in 2011 and 2012.alien-dread-in-dub-with-martin-campbell-the-hi-tech-roots-dynamics-volume-3-log-on-cd-22147-p

All in all the three volumes – titled Alien Dread in Dub With Martin Campbell and the Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics – collects 30 tracks, of which at least two are available on CD for the first time. The dubs are inspired with plenty of instrumentation in the mix with Martin Campbell’s vocals flowing in and out of the echo chamber.

All three sets are now available on CD and digital platforms.


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