Bombastic 80’s vibes on Jashwha Moses debut studio album

JASHWHA No War PACKSHOT FOD094CDIt’s fascinating how one album can give a completely different impression from one week to another. When I listened to Jashwha Moses debut studio album No War On Earth for the first time I wasn’t too excited. A few days ago I picked it up again because the release date came close. And this time I loved it. Each and every minute.

For UK-singer Jashwha Moses it took more than 35 years from releasing his initial single to his debut album, last year’s career spanning compilation Joshua To Jashwha – 30 Years In the Wilderness. Now he’s back. And this time with an album full of brand new material.

No War On Earth holds 15 rootsy reggae tracks, spread across nine vocals and six dubs. It’s produced by Jashwha Moses’ long term collaborator Mikey Taylor-Hall and includes revitalized versions of Jah Time Has Come and Steel, both included on the aforementioned compilation.

Jashwha Moses deals with social injustices and gives spiritual counseling and his pleasant singing is accompanied by high harmonies, sharp horns and thunderous bass lines. The audio quality leaves a little to be desired, even though the soundscape is pompous in a 80’s style.

No War On Earth is now available on CD and digital platforms.


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