Taj Weekes delivers live and on album

Taj WeekesEver been to a concert where the horns are played on keyboard and the arrangements and harmonies are nothing like that record you love so much. Well, I have. It’s very disappointing.

But I don’t think a concert with St Lucian Taj Weekes and his U.S. backing band Adowa would disappoint me. Not if you judge by their recently released fourth set – a live album titled Pariah in Transit.

This ten track set – with a majority of its material taken from the excellent 2008-released effort Deidem – was recorded on tours across North America. It’s dense and dark with a pulsating, rock solid riddim section. Taj Weekes high, heartfelt and weeping singing is accompanied by beautiful harmonies.

Almost all tracks are about a minute longer than the original version and at times the jamming and the mixing is pure gold, for example in the last minute of For Today or Life where you almost feel the tension in the air.

Even though Pariah in Transit documents live recordings not much of the crowd can be heard during each song and it’s mostly in the beginning or the end of a track that you realize that these are live recordings.

The audio quality is exceptional for a live album and the lack of cheering and screaming makes Pariah in Transit more of an ordinary compilation. But what a compilation.

Pariah in Transit is now available on CD and digital platforms. Proceeds from the sale of the album will go to Taj Weekes’ children’s charity They Often Cry Outreach.


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