Slick and clean from Gentleman

disc-3118-gentleman-new-day-dawnGerman singjay Gentleman is probably the biggest and most successful European reggae artist today. In 2010 he was signed to a major label and dropped Diversity, a set where he collaborated with U.S. super producer Benny Blanco, who has worked with artists such as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

On Gentleman’s sixth album New Day Dawn – his second on Universal – he has mostly taken care of production duties himself. And the result is a slick and clean album with several slow and weeping acoustic ballads. He also ventures into electronic dance music on a number of tracks. But one drop is not completely left out of this contemporary cocktail. Another Drama, with its dub mixing and crying saxophones, or Road of Life, with its catchy na-na-na, are two fine slices of modern reggae.

New Day Dawn is probably not for those who fell in love with his hip-hop-infused debut album Trodin On or his roots-oriented second album Journey to Jah. But looking at his career this album was the next natural step for him. It sounds like a logical follow-up to Diversity.

The CD version of New Day Dawn collects 16 tracks, whereas the version offered on digital platforms only has twelve tracks.


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2 responses to “Slick and clean from Gentleman

  1. On CD we can hear 17 songs… ( Interlude is instrumental but it’s still a track ) bleSs ya

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