Junior Kelly serves up a delicious pie

disc-3109-junior-kelly-piece-of-the-pieA new Junior Kelly release is always special since this devout Rastafarian isn’t as prolific as many of his contemporaries. He’s selective and doesn’t voice just any riddim and it’s usually several years between his album releases. His last album Red Pond was put out in 2010 and Tough Life before that one dropped in 2005.

Three years have gone by and now it’s finally time again for a new album. Piece of the Pie is Junior Kelly’s tenth album and boasts 15 tracks –most of them previously unreleased – mixing reggae and dancehall with hip-hop and even some salsa.

Piece of the Piece is empowering and positive reggae music with filled with engaging melodies and conscious and cultural content. Junior Kelly shows his excellent songwriting skills and vocal talent throughout the set. He’s a versatile performer equally at ease with emotive and melodic singing, spitting lyrics or smoothly riding the riddim deejay style, as he does on the excellent None A Jah Jah Children relick Lots of Herbs.

Junior Kelly is one of the most consistent reggae artists today and that’s probably because he’s picky, passionate and chooses his material carefully. And in a music industry currently flooded with poor productions with almost no mastering that’s quite an achievement.

This well-crafted set is now available on CD and digital platforms.

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