Jah Sun rises to the top

jah-sun-rise-as-oneCalifornian singjay Jah Sun impressed last year with his third album Battle the Dragon recorded for a variety of European and U.S. producers. Now he’s back with his fourth set and the recipe is the same, but this time the formula has been perfected.

The singles that have preceded Rise as OneEveryday of the Week and the Kabaka Pyramid combination Foundation – show just how great this 15 track album is. It’s loaded with energy, excellent vocal arrangements, memorable hooks and pop melodies as well as pulsating one drop riddims and bouncy hip-hop jams.

As with Jah Sun’s previous albums this set also offers positive and conscious lyrics along with several notable combinations, for example Never Stray with Gappy Ranks, a tune with a hook that sticks like glue, or the playful Top Ranking with Chronixx. On No Matter Sizzla shows good old skills and Can’t Live, with Richie Spice singing the chorus, has a distinct melody and irresistible groove.

On the title track Jah Sun sings “This is the song that mainstream would never play, this is the chant that was banned by every DJ, no radio or TV would a touch it, why? Cause this a the real reggae music, this a the real ragamuffin… Commercial top ten a get bun up everyday”.

That’s sadly the reality, but don’t let that stop you from check out Rise as One, because Jah Sun has together with producers such as Bost & Bim, Bizzarri, House of Riddim and Oneness created one of the best albums this year. It might not be strictly authentic Jamaican in its approach, but it shows that European and U.S. reggae is a force to be reckoned with and Jah Sun has definitely risen to the top of the game.



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    • Thanks. I know that Get Up and Dance was put out in 1985, and that’s why I wrote in almost 20 years. Anyhow, here’s the officla Black Slate discography taken from their Facebook page:
      Black Slate (1979, TCD)
      Amigo (1980, Ensign, Wise Owl)
      Sirens In The City (1981, Virgin, Ensign)
      Rasta Festival (1981, Alligator)
      Ogima (1981, hit and run) (CD)
      Six Plus One (1982, Top Ranking)
      Black Slate (1985, Sierra)
      Get Up and Dance (1995, FairWood Music)
      Cheers / Erik

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