Downright excellent third album from Malika Madremana

The RaceMalika “Mother Sister” Madremana is a New York City raised high school teacher of Puerto Rican descent who should quit her day-job and focus on music full-time. Both her debut and second album were solid scorchers and her recently released third album The Race is equally as strong, in fact, maybe even stronger.

The Race collects ten tracks of uplifting, inspirational and positive lyrics set to hypnotic grooves with deep bass lines, melodic synthesizers and beautiful harmonies. Malika Madremana has a natural tone and sings with great confidence and a nonchalant attitude.

The Race is produced by David “Hodge” Lodge, longtime musical director for Don Carlos and The Dub Vision Band, and together they’ve created a set showcasing a talent that should be getting more attention outside the class rooms. Education is important, but so is music.


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