Rastamouse and Michael De Souza aim to make a bad ting good

I had my first child in November 2011 and six months later a friend of mine gave her a DVD with three episodes of the popular and much discussed British animated children’s TV-series Rastamouse. It’s a charming show about a reggae-loving and crime-fighting mouse – Rastamouse. He and his two band mates Scratchy, on bass and turntables, and Zoomer, on percussion, want to make the world a better place and aim to make a bad ting good.

Michael De Souza has together with Genevieve Webster created the show, which is based on their books by the same name. It has been highly successful in the UK, but also widely debated because of its language and supposed references to marijuana.


I had the opportunity to have a chat with Michael De Souza and the show’s producer Greg Boardman about the importance of education, the show’s success factors and what the future holds. Check the full story over at United Reggae.


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