Brilliant dub in a rub a dub style from Dub Club

signs-wonders-in-dubIn 2000 music producer and reggae aficionado Tom Chasteen started LA’s Dub Club, where he every week invites Jamaican veteran singers and deejays to perform alongside the club’s DJ’s. The essence of the club can be seen and heard in the excellent documentary and album Rub A Dub Style released a few years ago.

Tom Chasteen has now a new project. This time he has teamed up with Tippa Lee for an album titled Foundation Come Again, set for release in mid July. Prior to that tasty album are two limited edition LP’s with dub versions – Signs and Wonders in Dub and Bubble Dub.

The recordings were done in Jamaica and LA with several foundation deejays, including Big Youth, Lone Ranger, Prince Jazzbo, Dillinger, Josey Wales and Trinity. They ride a number of classic and relicked riddims, such as Death in the Arena, Zion Gate and many more.

All dub versions are made old-school style – mixed live on tape in one take by Tom Chasteen. He improvised and tried and tested the sounds by twisting knobs, pushing faders, reshaping song structures and adding echo and reverb going head to head with space and time.dub-club

Signs and Wonders in Dub and Bubble Dub are two deadly dub albums. They’re pulsating and smooth, yet heavy and dread in a rub a dub style and fashion.


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