The deeply spiritual Kiddus I

Earlier this year legendary Jamaican recording artist Frank Dowding, better known as Kiddus I, dropped a recently recorded album. Even though Kiddus I has been in the recording industry for almost 40 years Topsy Turvy World is only his third album, not including compilations.

Kiddus I is not a well-known singer outside hardcore reggae circles and is  probably best known for his cameo in the cult motion picture Rockers from the 70s. His smooth Graduation in Zion was also included in the soundtrack. That particular tune is his trademark.

I had the opportunity to have a chat with Kiddus I. I reached him on the phone when he was in one of his homes in Jamaica. He was surprised when I called, even though his PR-agent had made the necessary arrangements. Happily enough he had a moment or two to give an interview.

 It was a long interview and we covered a lot of issues and topics. What striked me was his spirituality and never-looking-back attitude. Read the full story over at United Reggae.

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