Jaqee’s global pop album

JAQEE-YES-I-AM-AlbumCover-RGB-small-RZOn Swedish/Ugandan singer Jaqee’s fourth album Yes I Am she takes a look at herself from several different angles and explores a myriad of genres and styles.

Yes I Am boils over with creativity and musical excitement. The producers have together with Jaqee made a futuristic work of art filled with unusual song structures, odd sounds and memorable arrangements, which give the album a distinctive touch.

Jaqee has a sexy and raspy voice and her tone is somewhat nonchalant giving the tracks a hint of rebelliousness.

This album shows an artist not afraid of going her own way and creating new musical paths. It’s an progressive album that gives the listener something to think about, both lyrically and musically. It reflects a journey from Uganda via Sweden to Germany, where she currently resides, bursting with influences from when, now and then.

This is not a reggae album. Yes I Am is a forward-looking pop album with influences from all over the world.


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