Vernon Maytone is on the right track

front-coverJamaican harmony duo The Maytones is one of several unsung groups in the reggae industry. The duo’s rural and unsophisticated approach may not have been successful when trying to reach a global pop audience, but they managed to put out some passionate and heart aching roots, including Madness, Boat to Zion and One Way.

The duo split up in the early 80s when lead singer Vernon Buckley relocated to Canada. He has put out a few albums under his own name. His latest effort is On the Right Track, a set recorded and produced together with France’s Mr. Chin and Uniteam All Stars.

The album features twelve tracks and is partly presented in a showcase style. The versions are not dubwise though, but deejay cuts where the late Prince Jazzbo along with U Roy, Lady Ann and Ricky Chaplin have lended their talents to the disc.

Vernon Buckley’s voice sounds like it did 30 years ago. It’s raspy, soft and straightforward and floats nicely over the thumping riddims.

The album is mixed by Dutch producer and engineer Manu Genius, known for his work with fellow Dutchman Marc Baronner under the alias Not Easy At All. And the set very much sounds like a Not Easy At All production. Especially highlights such as Gonna Make It and Foreign Life.

On the Right Track is yet another strong effort from one of Jamaica’s many unsung heroes.


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