Luciano maintains his high standards on new album

Luciano_TQM_Cover_SThe always reliable Luciano returns with a new rock-solid set titled The Qabalah Man. It follows a rather quiet period for the usually very prolific and extremely productive singer. His previous album was the bouncy Rub-A-Dub Market, released in 2011.

To date Luciano has dropped more than 40 albums and over 20 compilations. That’s about three albums a year. Several of his studio albums are modern classics, for example One Way Ticket, Where There is Life, Sweep Over My Soul, Serious Times, United States of Africa and Write My Name.

Luciano’s strongest period is mid to late 90s and his contemporary work. And it seems like he’s now on a creative crusade. His new album, along with his previous three, are some of the finest in his more than 20 year long career.

The Qabalah Man is yet another spiritual and rootsy effort and contains material from producers based in Jamaica and Europe. Its main producer is Anthony Senior, who recently put out Junior Kelly’s Piece of the Pie. Others include Luciano himself along with Michael Edgehill, Nasir Gowdie, Lawrence Gowdie, Cedrica ”Soljie” Hamilton, Moritz van Korff, Benjamin Zecher and Jossi Coppola.

Luciano has a history of recording combinations with other artists. And The Qabalah Man is no exception. It features several legends along with lesser known singers, including U Roy, Ziggi Recado, Vido, Naptali, Mark Wonder and Bob Andy.

As usual, Luciano shares his world views and his love for Rastafari, peace and unity over beautiful and soulful reggae riddims. It sounds like each day is a new blessing for Luciano. A new day to share a bright shining light through music and lyrics. It’s harmonious and elegant and yet another well-written chapter in a long and fruitful career.

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